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Cabin pressure control systems are designed to give you years of service with the proper maintenance. Factors like climate and environmental conditions will lesson their service life. Controllers and valves have several small air passages that can get clogged very easily. It is very important to follow the MFG O&M practices.

We offer 1hr of FREE troubleshooting information with every overhaul! When you choose to fly with Gain Aviation you can be confident that the products you depend on today will serve you well into the future. Our commitment to the industry prepares solutions that will enhance safety, efficiency and comfort that will last.


Key Benefits of a properly working cabin pressure system

Efficient and cost-effective

Enhanced passenger comfort

Maximizes aircraft range

Minimizes fuel Use

Lower operating cost


We Stock Many Pressurization Parts from corporate jets to piston aircraft!

A close up of some speakers with orange and silver plates

Cabin Pressure Outflow and Safety Valves

A close up of the bottom part of an object.

Cessna P210 Too large of gap to seal

Cessna P210 05E00-1 Base mounting cracks P210 Outflow

A yellow and black gas meter with a valve

Dukes Aerospace STC Lancair

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Lancair Dukes Outflow Valve break down

A diagram of an engine showing the valves and how they work.


We stock a wide range of cabin pressure controllers

A group of different types of electrical equipment.

Honeywell Garrett Airesearch Cabin Pressure Control System

A close up of the pump and valve assembly.

Bleed Air Cabin Pressure Control

A close up of the warning light on an airplane.

King Air cabin pressure controller

A close up of an air speed indicator

Lancair Dukes Controller

A black box with a control dial on top of it.

Dukes Outflow Valve controller

A diagram of two different types of engines.